January 30, 2017 – Design day.

My goal for today is to do some designing of my brand and web properties. This involves quite a bit of housecleaning and reorganizing of this site, as well as a plan to finish about a dozen of the evergreen articles I have started. I’m scratching my head about how to lay it out semantically so as to organize things specifically, yet allow for a very broad scope an ability to expand. Add to that, a clear flow from all areas of the site.

The problem I’m thinking about now is of moving major topics to a sub-domain. For example: I think that the prohibition section would be better as prohibition.diggndeeper.com.

On top of that, I have decided that the site will be a mix of journalism and index. That will be the target of my efforts. It’s an ambitious endeavor for someone that can barely find the time to get anything done, but I do know why that has been the case; failure to design.

All success is due to design. Even luck can’t overcome design, in the sense that it takes an existing good design to capitalize on luck. So, that is where my focus is now.

I changed the tag line a bit to better explain my mission: Digg’n Deeper into tools, concepts, & stories of creating solutions for a robust and peaceful society through voluntary interactions. I think it’s pretty good.

Digg’n Deeper
Farrier Services
Flying Higher
Digging Deeper Farm

January 29, 2017

An outline with lots of questions:

As voluntaryists, libertarians, abolitionists or whatever we want to call our mission of peace and prosperity, we have possibly the greatest opportunity of all time right now.

People are starving for solutions and probably for unity as well. It seems we are extremely divided, but are we really? What if voluntary solutions and principle were introduced?

Are there any examples of crypto/ blockchain tech in use for crowd funding? Any examples of use also for accountability and transparency?

This isn’t about the wall, but a question of how to use crypto in a public/ community project at scale.
We have the power to provide solutions.
Crowd sourcing voluntary action for large projects is completely viable in today’s technological environment.
Can blockchain technology help with transparency and accountability? If so, how would that be implemented, specifically?
Could simply interacting on social media with these options be a good start?

We can and should be using the polarity to show our positions and gain ground.

An example?

I’ll start an article.

January 28, 2017

I had to replace my monitor.

My rather old 23 inch HP started to fail on me by just going off every so often and then only randomly come back on. The color is pretty poor too. So… I decided to go with the Dell UltraSharp 25 inch. I started the search by looking for multiple HDMI ports because I like to be able to switch between my desktop and laptop with my monitor. That narrowed it down to a surprisingly few. Then, of course I wanted a professional grade monitor and that seems to point firmly to the Dell Ultrasharp line.

January 16, 2017

I have been working on my farrier services YouTube channel.

I’m feeling better, but this roller coaster weather really blows. The horses and barns are filthy. It’s nice to get some time to work on this media stuff.

I had a real problem with Firefox text boxes being black on black and white on white text boxes. Turns out the problem is that I had set the GTK themes to Breeze Dark to match my KDE theme, and that was the effect. Now suddenly, it’s crashing in YouTube. Grrr. Luckily, I just fire up the Chrome browser and use that, but that is annoying in itself. I’m sure an update is forthcoming, so I’ll get along. Looks like it was the No Trace Firefox add-on. I disabled that and things seem smooth again.

Today’s media goal is to put together something about these crooked horses that I think Simon @ Honey Tree Stables somehow fits into. To do that will probably start the path of motion tracking. This is where I think I need to be able to model, rig, and animate marker like things to also be motion tracked.

My blender path is currently particles and physics. Seems easy enough. I hope to play around with it this week. http://www.mobymotionblog.com/

January 9, 2017

I really can’t seem to keep up lately. Actually, I’ve been down with the sickness. My little man cold has been on going for a couple of weeks. Just when I think it’s over, it comes back for more. I’ll admit that I am really bad at being sick. The worst is that my brain won’t even work. I have an opportunity to sit here and do stuff, but I literally can’t get my brain to snap out of the funk.

Anyway, I’m starting to get over it now. I have had some good ideas for this site in the mean time. Maybe it was before, but either way, some improvements are forthcoming. I think that it comes down to streamlining production.

It isn’t going to happen today, though, as I am off to make up for my down time in shoeing horses. Ah, but that reminds me, I have started an online learning section for farrierservices.net. I really look forward to working on that.

Update: December 30, 2016

It’s a sick day.

I’ve been working on my farrier intro scene. I like the way it’s looking, but the real problem is rendering between tweaks. Far too time consuming. I’ve been trying to focus on making the renders count, but it’s a real challenge.

I like the concept so far. My plan is to render out the parts that aren’t going to change so that I can use it as a strip and then just overlay the text or other elements that may need to change specific to the video. Right now I’m thinking that I will do a slight branding specific to Success Through Soundness and the Silver Bullet Project.

Update: December 17, 2016

Did some time lapse experimenting.

This morning, I have been working on updating YouTube channels with better descriptions. Much improved. I am however, annoyed that links don’t seem to work in YouTube descriptions.

I see Will Pangman is looking for some media production.

I would like to weave this into my web statements…
I am not a pro, but I can do stuff and we have some pretty nice gear. I’m in the middle of a CG course from CGCookie right now. I can show you more if you want. I have plans to produce agorist / open source stories and media and I would love to try to help with anything you are doing.

YouTube Channels Updated

Slack Channel Updated:

This Slack channel is intended to support a community of voluntary activists using Open Source tools and principals as much as possible.

I added #meshnet, #FreedomFriday, and #TyrannyTuesday channels and working on corresponding pages next. Please join if you are interested in hanging out on the channel. There are no members at this point, but I would love to help people work on meshnets in particular.

Gonna check out Narcos on the treadmill.

Update: December 15, 2016

Over the last week, I have spent quite a bit of time looking for a winner for my bride – DPreview. I found one. Wow. I’m already jealous. Obviously, I am not saying which one, yet. I bought it from Amazon using Purse.io. Since bitcoin is up, I saved a ton. I got a 20 savings from purse.io, which saved me about $150.00, but I also bought that bitcoin when it was less than half the price it is today. Ha!!

Last night I took a little step back from the CGCookie Animation Bootcamp and rendered the Trip to New Bedford time lapse. I really enjoy time lapses, and as a story telling tool. They can be invaluable. Therefore, like everything else, we might as well put some effort into quality.

This time lapse is created with a 1 second frame rate on the GoPro Session that I often use as my dash cam. Seeing how well this turned out and how much better the Hero 4 Black is, I am itching to give a shorter run (battery limit) on that.

Using Blender

I started one render when I went to bed, then woke up around 1am to try another with sampled motion blur set to 2 samples. That came out much nicer. Smoother.

Then, I set the anti aliasing to the full 16 and sampled motion blur to 4 samples. Even more improvement. It looks pretty smooth, but I think I’ll try going up to 6 samples next time. At that point, I wonder if it might end up actually too smooth. A touch of stop motion is a telling effect, and may end up a preferred style as visual language. Being able to control the look and feel will be useful. Obviously, Blender gives that control to us.

Update: December 12, 2016

Stumped again.

I started trying to do an intro animation for a farrier video. The animation is intended to be a simple text fade in and a line animation under the text to extend from a point to underline that text. The fade in is simply done by animating the transparent node. It looks good. The problem then becomes animating the line. From what I can tell, I need to actually rig the thing so that the one side can move. I’m confused and frustrated, again.

Shape keys?

Update: December 11, 2016

Squash and stretch had me pretty stumped. I finally realized I was over complicating things and got through it, but I need a whole lot more practice.

I got stalled for probably a whole week on this exercise. I found myself looking in vein all over the internet for an example of someone working on the arcing ball with squash and stretch. In the end, I just did the same technique as the simple bouncing ball on the arc, and it turned out ok. I will continue on with the course and hope to learn how to control it on various axis.

Phew. Moving on.

It has been a while since I did any farrier videos, and nothing has happened about content for this site, but I really want to stick through this animation course until it is completed. I have so many ideas about how Blender will be the tool for that, and I don’t think it is a good idea to get distracted and risk losing the momentum I have right now. I also don’t want to loose the momentum I have in producing those videos.

Ugh. If only there were more time.