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Finally Heading to STEAM Camp!!

I got some emails yesterday evening from some of the participants wondering if the Corona Virus was going to interfere, but it looks like we are all going. My bags are packed and all my audio/ video stuff is ready to go, too.

Orbitz, the company I booked the hotel through is freaking out, too. Crazy times, for sure.

This morning, I will head out to shoe a few horses before I turn back and be on my way for an eight hour trip to Richmond, Virginia for my first Open Source Ecology STEAM Camp.

We will be

  • building a 3D printer (D3D Universal 3D Printer),
  • learning lots of CAD,
  • building and learning the plotter,
  • make some functional Arduino electronics using KiCAD, and
  • end it on day four with a Raspberry Pi build to control all the things.

Behind all of this is the main ingredient of learning collaboration. Honestly, this is one of my primary interests as an open source “promoter”.

The point of this STEAM Camp is to prepare for continuing projects, such as the upcoming Summer of Extreme Design-Build (Summer X), which I plan to do some remotely and some on site with the team.

I’m not sure what the value of an arm is, but this is Open Source!

Join us on Discord:

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