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What is the Future of DiggnDeeper?

Well, its changing, that is for sure.

These recent weeks have been a big deal for the future of The website was vastly upgraded and expanded. More plans have been made and most important of all – more action!

The last few weeks have been steady work – both on the website and getting ready for the upcoming STEAM Camp in Richmond, Virginia.

I want to talk about all that and more here today.

Before I get too far into all the things that are going on, I would like to recap the purpose of DiggnDeeper, which should explain why these things are happening.

What is DiggnDeeper?

Documentation, marketing and collaboration are what we are looking to provide.

  • The purpose of DiggnDeeper’s documentation is to create a full curated index of all things open, decentralized and anti-prohibition. It is intended to be sort of an up-to-date index that people can collaborate on. DiggnDeeper isn’t trying to be an expert on anything, but rather a tool that points to all the experts, their projects, philosophies and everything we can learn and share from them. Besides the documentation we provide here on the website, we offer our documentation services to experts and projects.
  • The purpose of DiggnDeeper’s marketing is to show projects the best way to meet their goals for funding and exposure. One of the weakest links in open source, decentralized and anti-prohibition projects is good marketing strategy. Just as our projects are different than traditional ones, so must our marketing be. We aim to focus on further researching unique solutions and bringing them to you.
  • The purpose of DiggnDeeper’s collaboration is to reach out to and work with other like-minded individuals to find mutually beneficial ways to help each other. DiggnDeeper will provide the tools it can and will assist in establishing tools for others whenever possible. One thing that Open, Decentralized projects tend to excel at is collaboration within their project. We are looking to fill the gaps in collaboration outside of projects, between projects and to the outside world.

In order to accomplish those goals, we need top-shelf tools. I have spent a lot of time working with various open projects and I have been paying specific attention to the way they work and collaborate.

Upgraded Server and Huge Expansions for Content.

The server was upgraded from a cheap shared hosting plan to a high performance dedicated server. The performance difference is huge. We are also implementing a top tier content delivery network (CDN) to further increase performance.

The goal of any website, of course, is to increase usability and activity. The unique value I am trying to create is to provide a place where people can find and provide curated answers and information about all things open, decentralized and anti-prohibition, with makers and activists in mind. In order for that to happen, we need to provide a high-performance website that has all the right features – and none of the wrong ones.


The catalyst to this upgrade was mostly so that I could install NextCloud and have enough power and connection to be able to use it as a good collaboration tool for upcoming projects for multiple people at the same time. Anyone willing to collaborate on a project related to open source, decentralization and anti-prohibition is welcome to use this new service. You can catch me on Discord:

We can discuss collaboration and the use of our NextCloud, or you can use your email address to sign up for your own account. Please note that we will be looking to verify that your project fits the open, decentralized and anti-prohibition brand.


In addition to the blogs already on each subdomain, I have installed 11 wikis to the domain. A lot of thought went into this decision about how best to use semantics. As usual, there are ups and downs to pretty much any decision, but I decided to put a wiki on each subdomain: communications, education, food, governance, healthcare makers, prohibition, property, security, software, trade, and travel.

As of this writing, they are all installed, but most need to be set up and brought to a proper introduction point. Want to help? You can catch me on Discord:


I haven’t started on these yet, but I have experience through my media marketing company in creating calendars that users can edit through the WordPress sites on each subdomain. So, once again, I’ll curate all that I can, but users are welcome to add what they know or want published.

This will be an area of focus. Calendars mean action and that is what I really want to promote.

New Steem Community is an established Steem account, but now we have a new tool!

The new Steem Community accounts are very similar to Reddit’s Subreddits. This allows Steem a whole new level of interaction and curation. We started our Communty and I have been reaching out to other like-minded communities and regular accounts to encourage them to post to our community page. I expect this to be a slow go, but I also think that remaining consistent and invested in the long term, things will get going eventually.

Audio/ Video Content

I know I don’t actually favor text content like this. I prefer podcasts and video and I’m sure everyone out there has a preference too, and I want to get the content out to everyone the way they want it. Writing is the easiest for me, but I have all the stuff and no real excuses. The only real hold back I have is that I can’t stand the site or sound of myself, but I’ll just have to get over that.

The upcoming STEAM Camp that I’m heading to this weekend should be the catalyst that I need. I intend to do a lot of documentation and try to do some sort of vlog type of content with it.

I will be experimenting with Dtube, but focusing on the LBRY blockchain platform. I will be posting everything on YouTube also, for now, as that is great SEO.

Please join us in trying to find the best open, decentralized and anti-prohibition content on the Steem blockchain and elsewhere.

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