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I’ve been spending a bit of time curating on Hive this week. For me, that means pruning and adding to the accounts I follow. This morning I was doing exactly that and came across a #FollowFriday post by @steevc and thought I would do the same, since that has been an activity I’ve been putting some effort into.

I follow a lot of accounts, and clearly this is just a few of my favorites.

  • @giantbear: I thought for sure I was following this account already, but I wasn’t. Whatever, I am now and because of it, I have found several other interesting accounts to follow and interact with. If you are looking for more education content, this may be the best account to follow. Lots of re-blogs and curation of other education content creators.
  • @penguinpablo: I’ve been following this account for quite a while. It is focused (entirely?) on #Hive stats. I like to keep abreast of that to get a picture of how the platform in doing and these reports are great. Plus, its fun to get notifications from time to time that I had a leading power-up or post frequency or what-not for the day or a week. He also has a handy website for looking at account activity:
  • @old-guy-photos: This isn’t really a typical Open Source, Decentralized what-not type of account to follow, but I just really like this guy’s photos and the things he writes about. It just resonates with me.
  • @riverflows: If you like real down to earth content, this may be the best and most consistent creator on the blockchain. I remember her quality input and contributions back in the Homesteaders Coop days and now she is involved with the @NaturalMedicine community.
  • @joshsigurdson: This account would initially seem a little more political than I would typically follow, but it really isn’t political. It is more of a critical look at politics than it is political, which I really appreciate. For a different perspective than most topical political posts, give this a look.
  • @canna-curate: Who doesn’t want to see more pot content? Seriously though, this account puts solid and consistent effort into finding cannabis related content and curating it.
  • @niallon11: Working hard on Hive marketing. We should all be watching, supporting and generally supporting efforts like this. If there is anything I can do, please reach out. We absolutely need more/ better marketing.

Obviously, this is only a taste of the great content around here. I would love to see your favorites.

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