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It has been a nearly epic endeavor to get this network of sites all up and running with all the appropriate bells and whistles, but also without any extras. This should now be a very functional system ready to start producing incentivized collaborative content creation with the goal of indexing, documenting and marketing the open source, decentralized projects and the people working on them.

That’s a lot of words, and I find it a bit of a challenge to explain what this project is all about as simply and completely as possible.

Anyway, it took a while to figure out what tools we really need. I spent a lot of time messing about with just WordPress sites, from just one to exploring how many it would take to separate all the sub categories of the project. Then I explored how I could collaborate openly and also produce high quality curated essays and such from the data.

At long last, I have what I think the final product should be and it is ready to use.

There has been a lot of thinking and designing. A lot of starts and stops and also many do-overs to get to the point that I think I now have all the tools to actually begin the project that I have been dreaming of for oh so long..

Twelve Sub-Domains For Content.

DiggnDeeper has twelve subdomains, each with a WordPress install and also a MediaWiki install.

There is the root site,, which has introduction information, a blog for updates and there is other general information scattered around there too.

Then, we have as subdomains: Communications (Wiki), Education (Wiki), Food (Wiki), Governance (Wiki), Healthcare (Wiki), Makers (Wiki), Prohibition (Wiki), Property (Wiki), Security (Wiki), Software (Wiki), Trade (Wiki), Travel (Wiki).

Each of the WordPress installs are intended to be customized to the category they are meant for. The goal is to use the wikis to collaborate and then to publish high quality content from those wikis.

The problem with wikis and any content creation, is that people tend to be hot and cold with their production of content. I am hoping that Hive can help a lot with that problem.

With increased content and engagement, hopefully votes will grow enough that payouts will be enough to incentivise creators.

DiggnDeeper’s NextCloud

NextCloud is the ultimate collaboration suite. I actually substantially upgraded the server to host a nice potent install. We haven’t tested it much yet, but it is up and running and ready for those tests. Check out the link, if you are unfamiliar with NextCloud and what it is capable of.

Think of it as Google replacement that is self-hosted, very private and customizable. I think this will be a very useful tool if enough people come on board that we start working on projects as a team or a group of teams.

DiggnDeeper’s Customer Relation Manager (CRM)

We also have an install SuiteCRM

The most important thing any business or organization can do is to stay on top of opportunities. A CRM is the tool for that. It has already come in very handy to make sure I keep on top of things with contacts, and it has a ton of features that can be leveraged going forward.

Using a CRM tends to have a snowball effect, if used effectively over time. The biggest challenge with them is that lots of people just don’t use them consistently enough for them to reach their potential. The use of this tool has to become a foundational and integral part of the group culture. I intend to ensure that as best I can.

DiggnDeeper’s Online Store

OpenBazaar is a decentralized crytp-centric marketplace. It is the perfect place to sell our wares to our particular audience.

Much more is to come of this, as we are currently working on products from 3D printers, mils and routers as well as an assortment of other empowering tools. We’ll let you know as soon as possible!

DiggnDeeper’s Discord Server

This is “what all the kids are using these days”, so we are using it too. It’s good and its free and it is the lowest barrier for people coming in to say hi or whatever.

I highly encourage you to stop by and introduce yourself:

We will be talking about open source, decentralized, voluntary projects and much more.


I also highly encourage everyone to get on the Hive blockchain

This is the main way we intend to financially incentivize participants.

Make sure you read carefully and pay attention while signing up.

Blockchain technology has no backdoor to save you if you loose your keys (passwords). Because of the flexibility and security of Hive, there are multiple passwords you should keep. Its really not that difficult, just pay attention and store your passwords in safe places and more than one location.

Sign up and get on to set up your profile and start engaging on the blockchain. Join us on Discord:


We will use YouTube so long as it makes sense, as they are great at search and exposure, but LBRY is an awesome decentralized replacement for Video and any other kind of content too.

We have not started making any videos yet, but we will, and we will certainly be focusing on LBRY as our preferred platform.

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