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First #MemeWarMonday Winner!

Oh, I forgot that choosing a winner can totally suck.

Turnout for the contest was pretty sparse, but I truly appreciate @woelfchen, @stortebeker and @utopiaeducators for showing up and participating on this late notice, new and somewhat sketchy little event.

Picking a Winner

So, the winner is the one with the most interaction…

I would say that the most interaction was @woelfchen, but that was just me lobbing a few back at his, and I wasn’t around to lob any at @stortebeker. On the other hand, @stortebeker created a post about his and put effort into creating for the chain, so how does that weigh out?

I’ve scrolled up and down and stressed over it, I’m going to give it to @woelfchen this time. I like the memes, it was most in the spirit of conversational meme-ing that I was looking for. I guess that’s what I’m going with.

I had another thought:

Maybe I should offer the winner the opportunity to choose a future winner? That sounds like it could be fun. Plus, then I don’t have to choose, lol. Maybe the person choosing could write a post about choosing the winner, if they want. I don’t know, just a thought. I would love your opinion.

What do you think @woelfchen, would you want to choose the next winner? Maybe that’s asking for too much work when people just want to show up and play…

For the others, I hope you come again to play and bring your friends.

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