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Announcing: #MemeMonday with 100 Hive Reward!

I have always wanted to do it anyway, but now I feel obligated out of spite. It’s a ton of fun, especially when meme wars turn conversational. People can literally carry out the most entertaining conversations with memes only.

That is what I would like to see out of this contest; conversational memes.

Every Monday, will host a meme contest on Hive. The winner will receive 100 Hive!

If successful, future contests will hopefully have a higher payout.


Input is welcome, but the rules as of now are simple:

  1. Vote on the Meme Contest Post (Monday)
  2. Share the Meme Contest Post on your account.
  3. The meme with the most interaction wins- except mine.

What do you think about those rules? Seem fair? Let me know your opinion, especially if you have ideas for more fun.

I’ll kick it off Monday morning. Let me know if you have any great ideas to make it more fun.

Beware – This is partly a protest of HiveWatcher for thinking they have authority over what we can and can’t do with our own blockchain and accounts.

They may take action against our freedom and enjoyment.

I have started a down-vote trail if you care to participate. Just go to and then to the Downvote Trail section and search for HiveWatcher and follow. More information will be in upcoming posts. We can’t just lay down and allow these “cops” to tell us how we can run our blockchain. They are not our Hive masters.

If you agree that it is wrong to try to enforce an opinion on what kind of content and interaction

Meme Freedom!

Memes are universally considered fair use and fall under the “parody and satire” area of fair use. They are literally created to be shared. If you don’t agree, simply don’t participate.

@HiveWatcher has decided to take action against my posting of provocative and entertaining memes even though they have good engagement.

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