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wp-dapp – WordPress Web3 Syndication Plugin.

Truly Distributed Content and Commerce.

Using WordPress as a Hive front end seems like the obvious key to truly distributed content and commerce. Anyone running WordPress could run their own custom Hive front end. Hive is a perfect decentralized back end. This could be further expanded to interface with other blockchains like LBRY, Monero and Grampa BTC.

WordPress already has a widely used, vast and trusted marketplace. Hive is the fast, distributed and battle tested back end we need.

This could lead to true power in the hands of individuals, starving centralization for once.

For the first time in humanity, people own the tools that enable anyone, anywhere to have ownership of their content and commerce. Lets get this plugin built!

Completely scalable -> NodeMaster (The next project)

The DiggnDeeper Project would like to self fund the beginning and attempt to raise further funds for development. At this point, that means I’m rolling up my sleeves and staring blankly at the screen.

Just kidding.

Can You Help?

I am looking for a developer or advisor that would be interested in helping me get this started. I’m not a coder.

Functionality/ feature items:

  • Interface with Hive Keychain
  • Create an interface page.
  • Publish/ update for post/ page functions.
  • Set beneficiaries for Hive. (This is the most important feature) Exxp is set to 15% to Exxp as dev funding, but we should allow full control of beneficiaries.
  • Allow publishing of pages, not just posts. (Also a priority)
  • Set publishing default. Allow users to automatically publish/ update or force manual updates/ publishing.
  • Needs to work with blocks and such. Elementor.
  • 2-way integration – similar to the Exxp plugin.
  • Allow multiple website roles.
  • Choose accounts to publish to (and/ or communities).
  • Global update default on/ off and then page/post update on demand.
  • Use Hive to pay for access to content like paid courses and such.
  • Graphics, marketing material…

Here are the folks that I know have been doing related work:

To interact with the Hive blockchain, we will need to use the Hive APIs. The most commonly used API is the JSON-RPC API, which allows us to send and receive data from the blockchain.

Here are the steps to get started:

  1. Set up a development environment: We will need to set up a local development environment to create the plugin. We can use a tool like XAMPP to set up a local server.
  2. Learn the basics of WordPress plugin development: We will need to learn the basics of WordPress plugin development, including how to create a plugin, add hooks and filters, and create settings pages.
  3. Learn about the Hive API: We will need to learn about the Hive API and how to use it to interact with the blockchain. The Hive API documentation is available at
  4. Decide on the features of your plugin: First draft of features listed above. Decide on the features of our plugin, such as the ability to post to the Hive blockchain, display Hive content on your WordPress site, or interact with the Hive community. One feature at a time.
  5. Write the code: Write the code for our plugin, using the WordPress Plugin API and the Hive API. We can use a tool like Postman to test the Hive API calls before implementing them in our plugin.
  6. Test the plugin: Test the plugin thoroughly to make sure it works as expected. We can use a tool like PHPUnit to write automated tests for the plugin.
  7. Publish the plugin: Once the plugin is ready, we can publish it to the WordPress Plugin Repository or distribute it on your own website.

Open Source License

We will need to pick a good license. It has been a while since I have looked into this so I need a crash course, but I would probably lean toward an MIT license or something very liberal so that a business can take it and re-license it if they wanted.

Not sure. Like I said, I need a tune up on my understanding of this subject.


If you know of any more relevant sources and/ or people that are interested in a project like this, please let me or them know how to get in touch with them or send them to our Discord channel


Self Funding the Start

Initial work and funding will will be attempted by myself.

I think what I’m looking for immediately is to get the fork on our Github updated and in working order, then I will start pecking away at the Functionality/ Feature Items listed above.

Should I attempt Patreon and/ or GoFundMe type stuff?

Should I use a dedicated Hive account?

This would probably help with transparency and has the added benefit that it could be easily transferred if another person or group could do a better job.

Hive Proposal System

This is intended to be an ongoing and ever evolving project.

This plugin project can be self funded by me, but I would like to step out of my comfort zone and try the proposal system – not anytime soon though. I intend to get it started and rolling on my own as stated above and with volunteers to get the project on its feet and organized. Then as we mature the project and are seen as a value to the Hive blockchain, we will start to put together a proposal.

I like to document everything, so I think I could do a good job of making my lessons work for others to advance on.

Hive Projects


Another funding and incentive source might be to garner delegations from interested people as we grow in reputation with this project.


I have full intentions of standing up my own witness node and such this winter.

I’m wondering if I could build a top tier witness, could I maybe use any proceeds from that to put into this WordPress integration.

Please leave a comment here or join us on Discord:

I would really love to have some more input from the community on how I can do this better. I’m just making this all up as I go and I know that there are many of you out there that will have excellent ideas and input.

Thank you.