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Combating spam on our wikis.

I have fresh mediawiki installs on all subdomains here on They are fresh installs, but they have been sitting idle for about a month or so and apparently they have been filling up with spam since then and the installs have no spam protection configured. Now I need to reinstall them and set up spam protection.

Luckily, people haven’t been using them yet, or it would be a way more challenging task to save the valuable information and get rid of the spam.

Spam extensions:

Spam cleanup:

Nuke: Keep an eye on the Recent Changes page to make sure spam isn’t getting through.


Using the search bar, type MediaWiki:Sidebar and edit


Create a 135×135 image and put it in /resources/assets

Edit the LocalSettings.php file and change the $wgLogo line to the file you just added to that folder.

This is a quick log of my work. I will elaborate as I continue. In other words, this post will be regularly updated in the near future.

Feel free to join us on Discord:

I am often doing a live stream on there or we are also talking about open source, decentralized, diy and ending prohibition as well as what ever else might be interesting.

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