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What Would It Take To Get Hive Listed On PayPal?

As I was shoeing horses today, I got a notification on my phone from PayPal about my account now being able to buy sell and transact cryptocurrency. I knew this was coming, but man, what a day. This really feels like the beginning of something new. In recent months, the ability to get in and out of crypto has gotten vastly easier and cheaper. For example, I can connect my Venmo debit card to Coinbase to buy crypto and then cash out into PayPal. It would be a bit better if both payment processors would go in and out of crypto, but this in itself is pretty huge compared to how things have been until now.

Currently, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin are listed as options. None of these options are anyway near as useful as a payment

What can we do to get PayPal’s attention?

Clearly, it would help if Hive was a major player and that seems to be a rather daunting challenge for some reason, even though we have more to offer than pretty much any other blockchain.

Can we come up with some ideas and put together some people to try to implement them?


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