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Web work – updating and planning.

Its a sticky, stormy day. Frankly, its a great day to do some long overdue administrative work.

** Then our internet went out. At least it was a short outage.

A few people may know that I have been doing my personal blogging over at @steelbak during this lul. If so, you may know that I have come across a big change in my professional farrier gig. Its a long story which I may expand on over there, but I am thinking this may be the catalyst I have been looking for.

Sitting here doing what I truly love to do; work on websites and think about how to showcase people making a better society, puts me in a better place.

It has been a good while of inactivity with some spurts and sputters.

Rest assured, I have at least been putting in a good amount of thought into how to put all this together. Its a big, all encompassing project. Its more than I can do long term for sure, but alas it is just me for now until I can get my act together to build something that is worth others coming in to participate. There is a road map. There just needs to be a good amount of work from me.

I certainly have all the tools. The DiggnDeeper domain is a great set of tools with all the subdomains with WordPress installs and Wikis ready and waiting for work. Then I also have a NextCloud install for community use and the Discord channel linked at the end of all articles. Beyond that, I also have an excellent assortment of great audio/ video tools.

Anyway, today I am going through all my many subdomains and updating the WordPress installs, Nextcloud, the CRM used to track people and projects and otherwise doing some house cleaning.

Once I get this done today, I will be getting right into looking for projects to cover and I also have some articles I’m itching to get out to get the fires going a bit again.

I hope to hear from you in the comments or on our Discord:

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