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The State of DiggnDeeper. Fall 2021

As I survey the assets I have built for this project, one thing stands out the most – broken record.

This is clearly the real problem that needs to be fixed for this project to ever actually come to fruition and sustain my efforts. I know for sure that it can. Absolutely.

I believe that this project could not only sustain my efforts, but also help a lot of others as well.

In years past, the pattern looks pretty much like the same yearly cycle. It revolves around my farrier (horse shoeing) business. That is what pays the bills for my family and so it takes all of my energy when I’m busy. Between that, my family and our farm, that is just all the bandwidth I have during the busy season.

Then, every year about this time I start seeing things slow down with shoeing and I turn more attention to this project. Most years I have these grand delusions that if I work hard, then maybe by spring when things wind back up, I can have this project singing along enough that it will allow me to continue on here instead of there.

Yes, I would absolutely rather spend my time working on this project than shoe horses – or pretty much anything else for that matter.

What is DiggnDeeper?

One of the biggest things I can see lacking right now is that I am not showing a clear definition of what exactly DiggnDeeper is all about. Not only is this clarity needed for people to find any value here. but its really important that I clarify things for myself as well.

Project clarity and focus is to be my main job from now on.


The excuse I would use as to the lack of clarity and focus is that the goal of the DiggnDeeper project is to cover all things open source, decentralized, peer-to-peer, anti-prohibition or monopoly (zero government) and more.

I want this to be a fully curated index of all of it – always updating, refining and exploring.

I want to use the right tools and show the world how people are doing it right now. I want to travel, meet, document and support those people and shine a light on the alternatives that are available and so much better in every way compared to the Statist paradigm that we are familiar with.

It is this paradigm shift that makes focus and clarity particularly important as well as challenging here. It turns out that simple, righteous and good can often be taken as being boring, tedious and even hard to grasp at first.

This has been a rather broad goal for little ol’ me. That can be remedied.

All The Tools Are Here.

The thing that I feel like I have really done right so far is the building and collecting of the tools needed to create the kind of content I envision (journalism and documentation) that can help spread the kind of information that might make a change. Content has always been a goal and I have very slowly been building that up, but the reality is that the majority of the time, effort and money has really gone towards creating the tool chain and general scheme of this project.

  • The website and its many domains: This took a lot more thought and time than just spinning up a bunch of WordPress sites on subdomains. There have been a bunch of iterations over the years, but I think that the canonical scheme used now is solid enough to build on going forward. Much of it is still just skeletal and needs tons of content and obviously refinement.
  • Discord: Almost everyone uses Discord and so do we. This is potentially the best way to bring people in and start talking about the projects they might want to work with. Join us!
  • Hive and LBRY: These blockchain media platforms are probably the most important and powerful tools we have to publish content and create a base funding model and community. Of all the crypto projects out there, these two are the absolute gold mines, in my humble opinion.
  • Nextcloud: Another very important tool for ongoing collaboration. Discord is a good tool for communication and collaboration, but Nextcloud is a far better. The feature set is extensive.
  • SuiteCRM: If we are working with ongoing projects and players, this tool has specific features to track activities with contacts over time.
  • My Media Bag(s): One of my personal prides is this collection of audio and video gear. Its full of top shelf stuff and ready to go anywhere, anytime.
  • The Rigs: I am extremely fortunately to have all these tools above, but these two vehicles are the icing to all that cake. I have a nice late model Ford F-350 with a really unique and fully featured tool body. The other vehicle is a 12 passenger Ford E-350 van which has all sorts of uses.

Of course, there is all sorts more to say about each of these tools above, and I will very likely do exactly that in the near future. I’m really proud of what I have put together so far and I think these are particularly useful tools to share with everyone.

Moving Forward.

Now it is all about consistency, community and quality. Its more than putting out content. I also hope to be a bit of a fire started by connecting projects and communities.

My efforts going forward are to keep things simple, focused and consistent with the mission of the project. I will continue to polish the tools and content I create and reach out to others in an effort to spotlight their projects.

I feel really good about all of this. I also believe this is a great time and place to be able to bring this DiggnDeeper project to life.