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Updated Hive Tools List.

There are plenty of lists out there and most, if not all are probably better than this one. I’m looking to develop a specific list for my own use here. My goal is to be able to use these tools to help onboard, market new users effectively and to also manage my own account more effectively.

I’m not looking for every option at this point. I’m looking for certain things that I consider are options for the best and most useful for me. The following are what I have found so far. I would like to find the authors of these accounts so I can help support them, but that is proving somewhat difficult for some of them, at least so far.

HiveOnBoard: It is as much a tool as anything, but obviously geared to helping get more people on boarded. This is a great project and it looks really nice as an entry point to our blockchain for many people. It is loaded with clear and concise information and community. I post a link to this site on every single mainstream social media post I make. #HiveOnBoard

Peakd tools: It’s a blogging tool with additional tools such as: scheduled posts, analytics, witness management, drafts, templates, promotions, and more. This is currently my preferred front end. I have been using since the beginning I think and I am rather invested in it at this time. #Peakd

Exxp: I post almost all of my content from my domain. I have 13 subdomains and my root domain with WordPress installed. Every one of my WordPress installs has this plugin installed to publish to my #Hive account. It works great. There are options available in the settings to tune things like when to post to Hive after WordPress posting which can help SEO and more. Author: @Howo

HiveSigner: Secure key (password) management for Hive. I use it as an add-on in the Firefox browser. It has several handy options like automatically claiming rewards and account tickets (used to create new accounts on Hive) and more of course. It makes using multiple accounts and front ends really simple.

Hiveworld: This is probably my favorite tool. I generally just keep it open all the time and go from account to account to look up all sorts of information, watch activity and do a variety of account actions such as delegations, claim account ticket (which may be broken now, but I don’t know who to contact), manage keys, account recovery and a ton more. #HiveWorld

Ecency: Web and desktop app based front end for Hive. The site/ app has special tokens that can be used effectively for promotion and maybe other things. #Ecency

Hive.Vote: My favorite tool in this site is the auto voting tool, but it also has curation trail, downvoting, and a few others.

Downvote control tool: This tool is a little complicated for me, but it looks really useful. I wish I could chat with this guy for a bit to explain a couple of things.

Please feel free to let me know what I am missing or what you think about any of these options.

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