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Is There A Difference Between Software and Communications?

There is clearly at least a nuanced difference, but in the context of the DiggnDeeper Project, I have long since wondered about this. Articulating these concepts in the context of this project is proving to be a real challenge for me.

If it doesn’t completely make sense to me, then I certainly can’t expect anyone else to know understand what I’m trying to do here.

I built a WordPress site on subdomains for each “subject” I think is relevant. I spent a ton of time thinking about the structure of this domain so that things could be as inclusive to all things open source and decentralized as possible, but also easily drilled down. Even in the beginning however, I struggled with whether I should separate or combine communications and software.

It all started with software.

Software was the origin story of open source, but now we are realizing the concept can be used for pretty much any human need. We also see that in this era of technology that software is very much at the core of almost everything, largely for communication…

So, here we have a bit of a circular dilemma and a problem of semantics.

But, it matters – at least in how I set up the content this domain. It is important to get this right and not make big changes as I (we) build out the content.

How do I solve this?

How do I separate the two when they are not really a separate subject? Can I combine them without loosing clarity and good logical flow to the subjects?

I’m thinking about this today as I go through the two sites and look at how the content fits now and I’m trying to think about how this will effect future content.

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