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Even though I’m slow on the uptake, this week is focused on #Hive and related #Promotion.

All of us should be interested in supporting these accounts and initiatives. We don’t have a Facebook caliber marketing budget and team. It’s just you and me and it likely always will be.

Personally, I have been all over my Facebook feed just leaving the @hiveonboard website: Facebook is currently ablaze with people talking about severe censorship.

Lets not forget that there are multiple selling points for Hive.

This is an opportunity we should all be beating the streets for. Who knows how the future will unfold, but getting people over here while the problem is hot is our best chance to capitalize on our platform’s best attributes.

Censorship resistance is one thing, but is it even actually our best attribute? Using Hive as a payment system is also quite likely our best feature. There may be way more numbers of people for the use case of just buying lunch and stuff with Hive.

If you know of other marketing efforts, I would love to know about them.

You are invited to join our growing Discord server: