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Continuing to Power Up. 23.5k Just Yesterday.

And that’s just this particular account…

I really hope this doesn’t come off as bragging because I certainly don’t mean it to be. There are plenty of accounts that can shame what my goal amount is. I’m just really proud of my progress and feeling very bullish on our beloved Hive platform.

Yesterday, I powered up over 23k Hive. I’m trying to power up about 25k a month for now with the arbitrary goal of 250k Hive powered up. This amount should allow me to support about two thirds more accounts leaving about one third to give full votes to.

Now is the time!

Now is definitely the time to buy if you are coming in from fiat, but if you are holding alts, like I am, then things could be better. I am trying to be very careful with selling my alts and buying Hive. This has become an exercise in patience for sure.

One a side note; I love it when I’m part of a report from @penguinpablo. This time I’m on the report for the largest daily power ups in two spots.

More marketing.

The recent few weeks have been busy looking for existing marketing efforts for Hive. I have been very heartened that there are in fact some solid efforts, especially trying to capitalize on the censorship resistant features of Hive. Now that Facebook has banned crypto ads, we are left to guerilla marketing techniques. This is probably better anyway, since we don’t necessarily want to spend much on campaigns if we can get away with it.

I really do hope that the future grows with quantity and efficacy of our efforts.