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11-23-21: A quick thought about delegating for action.

It seems like there is an opportunity here to help create some buzz and income for projects.

My main mission for DiggnDeeper is to help certain accounts and communities that are trying to do things in the open source, decentralized space.

I’m talking about supporting action that the project may need help in, such as funding, marketing, design, fabrication of a product and transport or whatever.

Maybe it should be a dedicated account?

This DiggnDeeper account is a decent sized account, but it certainly isn’t huge. It doesn’t really seem like enough to get someone or a group excited about using the HP for a certain time.

Maybe it makes the most sense to have a dedicated account that can be used only for people to delegate to and then allow others to use the account for a specified period.

I’m not sure about the technicalities of this. Can people delegate to an account and then delegate all of that to another account? Not sure about that.

Not right now, though…

This is just an idea I have and wanted to explore it quickly for potential future use. I don’t think right now is the time to try to implement something like this only because I am just now reigniting this project.

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