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01-05-22 Update: Count Down.

I’m finally getting ready for a week off from of shoeing horses and I get a chance to work on DiggnDeeper -with my feet up in sunny Florida. I plan to do a few Florida things and the rest of the time is going to be walking and working on the websites and getting a good bit of writing done.

When I get back from Florida, will be my primary focus. I’m ready and I’m so stoked.

The goal for next week’s working vacation is to fill out each of the subdomains with a decent intro and with a focus on navigation structure. It is very important that the navigation works well from the website and through the Hive posts. It needs to be seamless and very easily navigable.

This will then be a real and actual start to the project.

I want this project to be built so that anybody can find anything about open source, decentralized philosophies and technologies are the liberator of humanity as well as how prohibition is the enemy of humanity. I also want it to be constantly updated.

Switching to dark mode – on all subdomains.

This seems like such a minor thing, but its so much nicer! I really like my theme, but making the back end dark is absolutely necessary too. I’m using a plugin that gives me a lot options I didn’t even know I wanted before I started using it.

Checking Out the 2 New Air Drops On #Hive.

I’ve been hearing about this event for weeks now, but have not actually looked at it at all yet. Well, until this morning.


The 3Speak SPK Network drop is exactly the kind of thing I want to delve into. This looks to be an incentive mechanism to run infrastructure. That is what I have been looking for since the days of Nxt…

I have a fair bit of experience running servers and infrastructure, so this is will be getting done. Can I finance the hardware with my Hive account? If I can get what I need from, then the answer is YES! I will still have to convert to Bitcoin to use on Purse, but with LeoDEX, that’s not really a problem. The problem is coming up with Hive without powering down, lol.

So exciting…


I managed to find the Game Design Document. I’m not really a gamer, and I surely don’t need any distraction anytime soon, but this is exactly the kind of thing that can bring a lot more users to Hive, and therefore bring a lot more name recognition.

Syndicating to the Blockchain From WordPress

I really need a few additional features for #Exxp. I’m going to get my thoughts together about exactly what that is and contact them on Discord. I’m more than willing to pay for the dev (although they do take a percentage already). That said, I’m more than willing to pay to have a whole plugin made that is #opensource so that we can build what we want.

I actually just saw someone posting about wanting to do web work here on Hive, I can’t seem to find him. It was just yesterday, but my problem is that I can’t remember which account I was using at the time.

Trying to Figure Out Communities

The DiggnDeeper Project has a community page. I would certainly think that this could be leveraged to curate all the relevant stuff happening out there.


I’ve also been doing a lot of work in Blender lately and I coming up with a lot of thoughts about making thumbnails and other graphics.

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