Is Open Source the answer? is my ongoing effort to provide a full index of curated open source tools and concepts that can be used to roll your own platform. I also want to showcase the stories of people using open source tools and concepts to create a more robust and peaceful society.

It turns out, these can be applied to help you take control of anything you want. It may have started with software, but voluntary peer-to-peer organizing is now enabled and gaining momentum. These tools can benefit us in the realms of education, food production, hardware production, communications, finance and trade, transportation, as well as security and governance.

I would like to see this site continue developing as an index of state of the art multimedia and information and then see expansion to makers markets operated organically and sustainable by community activists using these tools[*].


What’s in it for me? Well, the reward of showcasing the stories would be great, but I guess I’m going to have to be a bit of a cyber-begger. I can keep working to do design and support for limited clients/ partners who are interested in using these tools and principles. If you think that is you, please contact me. If that is not quite it, but you think what I do here is worth something, please donate!

The following is my full on geek history. It only matters, if at all, in that it may illustrate my perspective and therefore why I think this whole open source thing is so worth my time.

My path to open source and decentralized technologies.

My first passion and profession is my Cincinnati area farrier (horseshoeing) clientèle. Horseshoeing is a traditional, low tech and high fidelity art and science. A farrier business only requires simple communications, but I have always had an interest in media and communications. Back around 2004, I became rather disgruntled with the proprietary stuff. I was […]

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