Weekly 250 #2


Today I continue my weekly 90 day delegation project/ experiment for week number two.

The purpose of this little experiment is to encourage more content and creator discovery as well as engagement by thanking them with this little 250 SP token of gratitude .

I would like to also figure out how to give these accounts full up votes during these delegations. I could add them to my auto-vote list, but they may (likely) get missed if my power is below the cut-off when they publish. Maybe an ideal would be to pause auto-voting until fully recharged then vote for the article and then resume auto-voting. Unless someone knows of a solution already, I guess I need to find a coder to make a tool for this. If there is anyone that has a good idea here, I would love to hear it.

I have decided that for now, selection will be just me looking for content and creators in the areas of interest and deciding which I feel I would like to delegate to. I expect that I will refine things as I go. Hopefully, this can morph into a bit more of a community project.

Rules & Stuff:

  • The first rule is that this is an experiment. It is for fun and rules are subject to change at any time and without notice. (I will likely post updates on the next Weekly 250 here in the Rules & Stuff section.)
  • Content must relate to the type of content you might find on DiggnDeeper.com. Basically, this means open source, decentralized projects. Voluntaryist philosophy and Abolitionist or anti-prohibition topics.
  • Delegations will be given on Mondays along with a post about the content and/ or creator.

Winner, Winner Chicken Dinner!

I really wanted to start out the project with a maker based account. Luckily, we have a new tool to help us search out tags.


@josalarcon2 is this week’s recipient for the 90 day 250 SP delegation.


This blog is chocked full of cool maker and open source stuff.

From 3D modeling to a bunch of Raspberry Pi projects including a cool Mumble based walkie-talkie thing and an Ethernet controller… All sorts of stuff.

Check it out. If you are into the open source/ maker stuff like I am, this is a jem!

Join us on Discord: https://discord.gg/5fPatJx

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