Voluntaryists for RDR2 ?

I have to admit, I have been having a lot of fun on Red Dead Redemption2 lately although it is also starting to seem a little lonely.

As I sneak around from butcher to butcher and mission to mission trying to steer clear of malicious nasties, fantasies of rolling into Valentine with my voluntary minded friends to clean out the grievers sounds like super satisfying fun, as video games go.

The little bastards won’t even let you get into town sometimes.

So, I’ve been thinking… anyone want to join in and play RDR2 online with me? Maybe we can get a few folks together from time to time and wander about spreading justice and voluntary philosophy.

Ok, actually, we would just be beating up six-year-olds, but hey, maybe we can convert one along the way!

Posse name?

The “best” I have been able to come up with so far is Voluntarius (Latin for Volunteer).

I totally suck at names. My wife comes up with all the cool names around here, but she isn’t in any way interested in this. I don’t really want to call the posse DiggnDeeper. It just seems too… well maybe like I’m trying to own it or some stupid shit like that.

Anyway, do you have any better ideas?

Lets Play!

If anyone is interested, lets meet on the DiggnDeeper Discord where I have a channel set up. Actually, there is a text channel and a voice channel. Here is the text channel -> https://discord.gg/cFstFQ2

I’m no pro at all of this, so you may have to bear with me a time or two to get it all put together, but I know it isn’t rocket science.

If we can get a few people together, maybe in the evenings, I think it would be fun.

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