Update: NextCloud Running in Docker with Reverse Proxy and LetsEncrypt SSL Certs FINALLY RUNNING!

It’s a big deal to me.

I now have the ability to spin up pretty much as many and any web service(s) I could imagine on my home office server. All that and with proper domain names and all fully secured.

It’s pretty awesome.

Screenshot of desktop with NextCloud running and two Docker containers.

I’m learning a ton by doing this and I am about to spin up some WordPress installs for my Flying-Higher clients and I am going to be trying out some neat CRMs as well.

Anyway, I just had to celebrate this little victory and I’ll be publishing the long form article I have been creating of the process of getting this accomplished.

I think easy to follow How-Tos are terribly undeserved in this area. I would love to help out some here.

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