Update: December 17, 2016

Did some time lapse experimenting.

This morning, I have been working on updating YouTube channels with better descriptions. Much improved. I am however, annoyed that links don’t seem to work in YouTube descriptions.

I see Will Pangman is looking for some media production.

I would like to weave this into my web statements…
I am not a pro, but I can do stuff and we have some pretty nice gear. I’m in the middle of a CG course from CGCookie right now. I can show you more if you want. I have plans to produce agorist / open source stories and media and I would love to try to help with anything you are doing.

YouTube Channels Updated

Slack Channel Updated:

This Slack channel is intended to support a community of voluntary activists using Open Source tools and principals as much as possible.

I added #meshnet, #FreedomFriday, and #TyrannyTuesday channels and working on corresponding pages next. Please join if you are interested in hanging out on the channel. There are no members at this point, but I would love to help people work on meshnets in particular.

Gonna check out Narcos on the treadmill.

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