Road trip.

If all is well, this should be an automatic post from I should be a few hours into a road trip.

I havn’t been having good luck with scheduled posts using SteePress lately, so hopefully it goes well.

Anyway, this is a personal trip due to some drama in the goat world.

You may or may not know this, but my wife is a Nigerian Dwarf Goat breeder. Well, we were supposed to get some new fancy goat babies from a top breeder in Maine, but the shipper we often use has found herself in trouble. Evidently, she has dead animals scattered about her farm in what would appear to be neglect.

This shipper was supposed to go to Maine and pick up two babies for us and one for another lady which would be dropped off on the way here. Then the shipper was to buy one of ours and bring that one home to her apparent farm of death and neglect.

We could still have another shipper do this for us and it probably would be cheaper than going up and doing it myself, but my Grandfather’s place is directly on the way in Northern New York.

My Grandfather is really getting up there in years and has had some real health scares lately, so this is the excuse I needed to get up there and see him. It has been a long time and I really miss him. He raised me as much as anyone.

My daughter Brooke is coming with me. We’ll drive up today (Saturday) and get there some time this evening. It’s about 13 hours. We’ll stay until Tuesday am and spend the day getting the goats, go back to his house to spend the night and drive back here to Ohio on Wednesday again.

It’s just a quick trip.

On the Steem side, I am going to try to schedule some posts for while I’m gone and see how well that works out for me. I will have no internet while I’m up there and I want to use all of my time with my grandfather, so there won’t be any posting.

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