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My path to open source and decentralized technologies.

Scott Gregory circa 2004
Scott Gregory circa 2004

My first passion and profession is my Cincinnati area farrier (horseshoeing) clientèle. Horseshoeing is a traditional, low tech and high fidelity art and science. A farrier business only requires simple communications, but I have always had an interest in media and communications. Back around 2004, I became rather disgruntled with the proprietary stuff. I was paying lots of money on a recurring basis for stuff that wouldn’t let me do what I wanted. What I wanted to do was build and run a web server for my farrier website and media interests. Searching around the still budding Internet brought me to open source software.

Looking into these Open Source concepts turned into a new passion and profession. I found myself constantly searching the nets with questions I had about running Linux as a desktop and a server. What I found was a whole other way of thinking. It is very profitable to help others and share knowledge and work. I started to develop an index of sorts with guides and information. I turned that guide into Free, Libre, & Open Source Software (FLOSS) and compatible hardware. Today, Linux and open source software is an extremely powerful platform for individuals or groups to build their web presence as well as create, manage and distribute multimedia.

Discovering the principles and communities of open source then became my path to liberty.

These concepts certainly shouldn’t be limited to software. This could set the whole world free! Upon Digg’n Deeper into the principles of Free & Open Source Software (FLOSS) , I have also been exposed to the principles of liberty in general. I am shocked at my own ignorance and misconceptions of liberty. As a result, Digg’n Deeper is increasingly a liberty oriented domain with several new sections under development just for that.

I have been involved in the blockchain and cryptocurrency since I heard about bitcoin on some of my Linux podcasts in 2009. I am now involved in the Supernet and Hyperboria. I see these types of decentralized encrypted networks working with bitcoin to ensure peer to peer funding, reputation, contract law and arbitration. These may sound boring, but how f’ing fun would peace and freedom be?


Restorative agriculture also fits beautifully into open source. In 2010, we bought a bit of land to raise our family and some of our own clean and humanly raised food.

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