Orca time!

Yup, that’s my picture.

I just had to do one more “milestone” tonight. I’m super stoked!

Even though I’m rather backlogged and under the weather, this is too big of a deal to me to not write about.

Tonight I grew into a baby Orca.

It’s been my goal for the two years I have been on this platform. I don’t expect to ever get to Whale, so that isn’t really a goal. This is enough weight to help the creators I want to support anyway.

Yesterday was my two year Steem anniversary. It has been a fun ride and I hope this is only the beginning. I have had a few spells when I wasn’t very active in posting, but I’ve been trying to curate pretty regularly throughout. This year I’m doubling down and trying to take my efforts here to the next level. My output is getting better and the way I’m building my website, I think things are going to continually improve.

It’s a lot of fun. I really love working on this project and Steem makes it worth doing.

It seems so long ago, but I remember that in the beginning, when we only had Steemit, the challenge of putting together a nice post that that might take several sessions to write was an issue for me. I did it with a text editor most of the time. It worked, but it was kind of clumsy.

Boy, things have changed. Now I have integrated SteemPress with my website and I can do all sort of cool things like work on multiple posts at the same time, schedule publishing, synchronize after the publish and a bunch more. It’s incredible and it’s getting better every day.

I can’t imagine what a few more years of development has in store for us.

Just look at all those apps and communities and games and stuff. There looks to be just about every media option and blockchain service imaginable and we are still only three years young!

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