Offering Delegations For Content.

I have been thinking about some way to offer delegations on a continuing bases for quality content pertaining to the things DiggnDeeper is trying to promote – open source, decentralized, abolitionist and Steem promotion type stuff.

The problem is that I haven’t been able to put the pieces together in a meaningful way, yet.

So, I thought I would try to describe what I’m thinking and hope that I can encourage someone out there to help me with ideas to put it together in a way that makes sense. Maybe just writing it out will get me a lot closer.

General Idea

What if I gave out 250 SP delegations, once a week, for a term of 3 months to creators that produce and curate content within some sort of qualifications or guidelines?

This would be sustainable for me, as it would lock up 3k SP to set aside for this. 250 SP might be enough to encourage activity and once per week would also be sustainable to find the creators and keep things orderly.

Guidelines and Qualifications

  • Content must be unique.
  • Content must be of good quality and in English.
  • Content must pertain to things within DiggnDeeper areas of interest, such as Open Source, Decentralization, the errors of Prohibition and Steem Promotion.
  • Content must be published to Steem, using ANY dApp (exploring dApps encouraged), OR published outside of Steem in an effort to promote Steem.
  • Can be used to contribute to other relative contests.


Currently, I’m thinking that submissions should be sent to through the Discord channel. I just set up a channel called #delegations-for-content. My thought is that we can use that to discuss and track submissions.

Are there other options?


This is the crux of the problem for me. How do I judge this?

If I have multiple submissions per week, how do I decide who gets the delegation?

I would ultimately love a way to crowd source the judging, so that it is not just my opinion, but I am completely open to any ideas here.

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