My Content Goal for DiggnDeeper

I have been spending some time looking at my site and the blog and I think I have a more effective and sustainable way to keep the content flowing.

To start, I want to say that I feel like my biggest problems remain two things: consistency and quality. It is hard to obtain them both. If I research and write for quality, consistency will inevitably drop and vice versa. It’s just me for now and I still shoe horses for a living. Unfortunately, I’m rather limited.

I hope to get to the point that I can hire out some expert help, but for now, that isn’t an option. This isn’t a volunteer program, its a “business”. It just happens to be a business that isn’t making any real income at this time.

That’s the part I thought would be changed by now. I fully suspected I would have run out of enough horses to support us by now and that efforts toward DiggnDeeper would be starting to bare fruit. But, that problem continues to lurk around the corner. It’s a double edged sword. Luckily we are still paying the bills, but I’m not making the transition very well. I continue to drop the ball here as I try to keep things going elsewhere.

DiggnDeeper is my passion and I know full well that it has the ability to succeed.

In my opinion, the theme and general ideas of how I have staged DiggnDeeper should keep me going with a near infinite amount of content possibilities. It is at once a very niche site while it also has a very broad array of what I see as connected sub-topics. It is supposed to be an index of all things freedom. This site is broken down into sub-domains for each of those sub-topics (with the full expectation of change).

So, my content goal for DiggnDeeper…

My goal is to create enough high quality posts on each sup-topic that I can re-post them with regular, but minor updates each time so that I can have more time to polish new articles. I’m thinking about a 50% re-post rate and continuing to post once per day and and add the periodic update posts like this one that I tend to do a few times a week.

I think in order for this to work, I need to start with at least 60 high quality posts spread out among all the sub-topics and work up to 120 or more over time.

This would potentially also give me the ability to do more high quality long form work expositions and educational materials that I have long wanted to do. I have a list of great ideas.

The crux of this plan is once again the short term… I already have problems putting out enough regular, quality content, and this strategy means I need to double down now – while I’m also busy shoeing horses. The “good news” is that even in this busy season, I often have a couple of days to pound out a couple extra articles.

Of course, if I were to ever get all this flowing fairly well, I would REALLY like to move on to video production with the articles. I have been collecting gear and skills and I’m anxious to get an opportunity to do it.

Wish me luck. I feel like I need it.

For all you guys out there doing it everyday and making it look easy. I see you. I tip my hat to you and I thank you for all the work you put in.

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