It’s Getting Steemy Around Here!

Steem is getting Steamy

What a week it has been.

There is so much to talk about this week, with the prices taking a jump and lots of other activities, but first I want to go back a bit.

Really, what a month it has been. It was only 14 days ago that I wrote an excited post about topping 17k SP. I was really stoked. That was a big deal to me but the ride since then has been really something – at least to me.

Speaking to SP, I didn’t have any plans on doing this at the time, but I have added 25k more SP over a couple of weeks.

My Steem Power Strategy

This is fun to talk about.

As I alluded to in a recent post about trying to finance DiggnDeeper as strictly as possible on Crypto, I didn’t know what the target SP should be. Well, thinking about it this week, I have decided to arbitrarily go for 50k SP. Once I hit that mark, I think I will start doing a 50% take away and try to pay some bills – like my web hosting for one.

I’m using Hostinger as a web host and the reason, among others, is that they take bitcoin as a form of payment. Another reason I use them is that they are really inexpensive for the service and performance they give. So, my hosting is currently a shared hosting plane – sluggish, but cheap. It needs to be upgraded at some point.

At this time, I’m still building the skeleton of my project and I have a ways to go before there is any traffic to speak of, so I think the timing will be reasonable. I can continue building an audience and SP on Steem while I continue to build my website and hopefully as those start coming to life, I can then upgrade my hosting account.

Ok, so that is Step 1.

At 50k SP, I want to delegate back about seven to ten thousand SP. About half of that can be semi-permanent delegations and then the other half or so I would like to shift around on a 90 to 120 day period. I’m thinking this is about the best I can do to spread the love as much as I can while also supporting some accounts that I really want to help long term.

I’m planning on really taking my time and trying to develop a relationship with these accounts that I delegate to. I’m not necessarily looking to stick my nose in just because I’m delegating a little bit, but I do want to find accounts that I can stand behind.

Oh, and Sunday is my “rest”day. I will be posting and commenting and stuff, but I’m pausing all voting above 1% votes for the entirety of Sundays. I want to see how that plays out. I have a ton of auto votes, so it will probably be back to 60% by lunchtime on Monday, lol.

I have been invited to a podcast!

@pennsif has invited me to come on his ALT.Life podcast this Thursday evening at 10pm UTC (6pm eastern). I’m already a little nervous. I’ve never done anything like that, but I would love to talk with him and anyone else he has on about the alternative lifestyle things he is looking for.

It sounds fun – and like a good way to show what a mouth breathing dork I am.

The website…

Man, there is just an infinite amount of work to do there. I enjoy it, and I’m super happy with how consistent I have been lately.

My next project is hooking up analytics and search console again – yes again.

I’m not sure what happened to all my code and accounts, but non are connected any more. This seems to happen on several sites I work on. A few weeks ago on a client’s site I noticed analytics had stopped working and upon investigation, the Google Analytics code changed by one letter. WTH?

So anyway. It might be something like that, or who knows, but this evening I’ll be working on that. There is a lot more about my site that I want to talk about, but I’ll leave that for another post.

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