“House cleaning”.

I have been laser focused on learning Blender lately and have completely neglected my beloved Steem accounts. It’s a necessary thing to do because until now, I haven’t really been able to make any true gains on learning all the things I want about 3D and all the power that comes with it.

My goal has always been to be able to produce graphics and videos with Blender for DiggnDeeper and my other projects.

Anyway. I’m finally at a point that I feel really competent and ready to move on to creating things.

If you have been following me for any time, you know I sputter a lot. It’s going to end up killing my chances of creating this passion project if I’m not careful. I keep saying that, then sputter again. It’s tough.

My hat is truly off to those awesome folks that can keep it up.

This morning, I have been working on updating the backend of my network of WordPress sites that DiggnDeeper is built on. I fired up my trusty ol’ Discord (would love to move to NextCloud – but thats a whole other topic) and I think I’m ready to pick up where I left off.

I miss you guys.

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