Gotta update the updates.

Work starts with coffee

The problem:

I need to be able to update the main site here at DiggnDeeper.com with updates from the various subdomains. In other words, the goal would be that the Daily Updates here on the root domain would receive all those posts from the subdomains.

That is probably redundant, but anyway… the way to do that is probably to use RSS feeds creatively.

That will be my project for tomorrow morning.

Tonight, I need to reach out to folks at the @homesteaderscoop to get some video and media to create some promos for them. I will need to create a message that resonates with homesteaders and general and shows the value of the Steem based homesteader’s marketplace. You can find out more about that on their site, homesteaderscoop.com

Projects are quickly stacking up!

The math to success on the Steem blockchain is daunting, but the only way to get there is by raising my hand and getting out there to help other people. It’s not any different than any other way to build a business, but yet… it really is.

The other project series I have in the cooker is the exploration of the local maker spaces. I will start by doing an introduction to the Cincinnati local spaces and look to focus on the most open source minded of them and also try to coax them into checking out the potential of the Steem and LBRY platforms.

If anyone can realized the potential for these platforms, it Makers and Homesteaders. That is where I begin.

The ends are capable of so much more win-win. Ok, let me say this another way – all businesses need to have a win-win model, but this Steem model may provide less friction and less expense with a possibility of as much of a profit.

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