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Follow Friday #HiveMarketing

DiggnDeeper is all about Open Source, Decentralized, Voluntary Solutions and stuff like that. It also covers the errs of the State, such as prohibition and mandates. Much of my time on the DiggnDeeper project is looking for people and accounts that are talking about and doing these sorts of things. I look for ways to help and/ or spread their message.

#Hive (and WordPress) is one of the most important parts of this project and the concept of freedom and openness. One of the biggest pitfalls of these open, decentralized and voluntary ideas is almost always the nearly complete lack of marketing. Some day I hope to have a workable solution to this problem, but we can do some things to help right now.

I’m trying to check the #hivemarketing tag regularly; voting and interacting (generally inviting them to our Discord channel –

For better or for worse, Discord is where most folks are these days, but someday soon, I plan to stand up a custom Nextcloud server for our community’s use in collaboration. I think it will be a game changing addition to the project, but I digress…

Hive Marketing Accounts to Check Out

I know some of the readers of this account are interested in Hive Marketing activities. Imagine if we each took the time to visit these accounts, interact, vote and even add a little delegation… It could be the little bit of appreciation and motivation these amazing people need to keep going or even kick it up a gear to ignite even more interest and development for our beloved Hive.

Unfortunately, I’m not seeing a ton of content out there. I know I’m missing some, but I’ll keep looking for more and updating.

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