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Can I succeed on only Crypto?

The amount it would take to replace my farrier gig is substantial. It’s hard to beat shoeing horses as a good income. I don’t need to replace my Flying-Higher gig because that always was intended to coincide with DiggnDeeper. They are two sides of a similar skill set and theoretically designed to work together.

My goal is to use primarily Steem and LBRY to fund my activities for DiggnDeeper. Maybe sites like Fundition, or others like it could help with specific projects down the road, but I would like the lion’s share of my income to come from those two platforms or any others that might pop up and are like them.

Using crowd-sourcing sites and the whole process is so much hassle that it almost seems easier to just keep working on my projects to fund myself. I’ve never done it though, so I really can’t say from experience, just listening to others.

I’m not completely against using mainstream sites if they are useful. Maybe I will try to use YouTube and some sponsors if I can, but those will be strictly savings or non-regular expenses. There are mixed signals as to whether YouTube is a reasonable revenue source, but YouTube, Facebook and the like certainly are a good way to get extra exposure. Either way, I don’t want to rely on them.

I’m certainly going to use mainstream sites for marketing to new people to come onto Steem and LBRY, but that is indirect income at best and more likely that its an expense.

What do I need?

Well, of course, I need to pay the bills and feed the family. I won’t go into the details here, and finances are always relative, but my bills are fairly substantial. I’m in my mid 40’s with a large family and a small farm with all the stuff that comes with all of that.

I’ve done the math (multiple times) and it will be really hard to pull off, but I’m pretty sure it can be done.

Website upgrades. I need a better hosting account. I’m on really cheap shared hosting, and that’s ok for right now, but I will need to upgrade to faster hosting soon. It’s already annoying me, but I don’t really have any traffic, so it can wait for a bit.

Vehicle maintenance. My rig is a special piece of equipment. It’s a customized Ford Super Duty that I am converting to use as a mobile media machine. It’s pretty much already there, but I am still using it to shoe horses. The goal is to replace the horse-shoeing income and tools to make it a rolling production suite. If travel becomes consistent, then I would like to build a custom trailer to sleep and shower in with an editing area in it.

I don’t need gear. I have the latest and best camera and audio gear on the market already. I spent the last couple of years acquiring gear and knowledge and although that won’t actually stop, I won’t need near the investment I have put into those things going forward. That said, there is always something to replace. As a matter of fact, I just bought a new Autel Evo drone because sadly my two-year-old 3dr Solo just doesn’t cut it anymore.

So, how do I do it?

The first thing I have done is stack up my SP on Steem to give me enough weight on the platform that this might be possible.

How much SP do I need? I haven’t been able to quite figure that out yet. With these low prices, a LOT. If I could build a solid voter base, then who knows, but having a bunch of SP is a good idea to build that base. I need to be able to help other people if I want to benefit myself. That’s the way the platform works.

LBRY is a different beast that fits so well with Steem that I hope other people see the benefits too. The benefit of LBRY is its potential for long tail revenues. If the content is good enough, people will continue to pay for it indefinitely. Just like traditional video (or other content) production, if you keep making quality content, you can really start stacking the revenues on top of each other.

That’s the beginning.

I’ll continue to work on streamlining and detailing this idea as I hope to see more people trying to do it. It will be an adventure and a struggle, I’m sure. There is a plan, though and one I’m willing to change any time I see a better way.

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