Face plant.

I don’t know, maybe its not so bad, but here I am trying to really do some nice work and last week I felt like I was really getting a good start.

This week…

Good thing it’s only Tuesday. I have hardly gotten anything done so last night and this morning I was busily going over the site and writing some articles. I scheduled them out and off I went to shoe some horses.

Well, after I got a few horses done, I checked on Partiko to see how things were going on my scheduled post – and nothing. I’ve had this happen already where I schedule a post on my WordPress site and for some reason it doesn’t post to Steem. Well, shoot. I’m sure it is user error, I thought to myself, so I went into WordPress and published to Steem – the wrong post…

The same wrong post I double posted some time last week.

Ugh. So this evening I settle in to my work and go back through the articles I wrote to make sure the scheduling and any configuration I might of messed up is good to go. Of course it isn’t and who the hell wrote those articles, anyway?

I was kind of sick this weekend, but was I that sick? They didn’t make any sense really and there was nothing interesting about them. Boring.

I’m glad the articles didn’t go out as originally planned. I did make the stupid mistake of publishing the same article for the third time, but isn’t it interesting how so often things seem to work out for the best?

Feeling quite a bit more clear-headed tonight, I think I ironed out the problems and hopefully I can regain some of the rhythm I was getting last week. That said, I think I have been too concerned with getting something out too quickly and I intend to do what my brand says and start to really try to dig a little deeper. The updates and everything will continue, but I want to look into how these things will help us create a more open and voluntary society.

These are good times! I want to make the most of them.

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