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Ramblings about the “regular” stuff.

The focus of my content in the last week or so has been the open source, crypto market scene. There is a lot of development going on in that space, like Decentralized Exchanges (DEX) and markets for goods and services. These are keystone features to the open and decentralized world many of us are looking for, and is a place for me to explore all of that and curate what I find.

As a side note, while I was getting that link, I realized that I have not gotten an SSL (to make a secure https connection) for that subdomain. That’s something I need to be saving up some Steem for, so I can buy that for the website. There are still a few other subdomains left to secure.

I am determined to run this site fully off the crypto earnings it makes, and my host, takes bitcoin!

I continue to try to find ways to help @HomesteadersCoop with marketing. In the last couple of weeks we established all the typical multimedia channels and we are working out how best to use them to bring people into the Coop and into Steem. That is now largely automated and I seem to be struggling to come up with content to contribute.

However, from working with the @HomesteadersCoop team came the idea of working on Steem integration with OpenBazaar. That would be a big win for everyone, I think. Steem is among the fastest, if not the fastest when it comes to transaction speed and has zero transaction fees. It is also battle-tested for very high transaction capacity, so it would be a great match for the users of OpenBazaar.

There will be a lot more about that to come over the next couple of weeks. Stay tuned!

Lots of powering up.

About a month ago, I started a campaign to increase my stake. So far, within that time it has gone from about 17k to almost 56k now. I plan to continue buying stake. I had been buying in here and there, but now that I am really taking this Steem stuff as seriously as I can, I want to continue buying in at increasing levels for the foreseeable future.

I believe good content is the catalyst and Steem Power (SP) is the actual fuel that attracts other quality creators. Another thing that really helps fuel quality content is delegation.


I want to keep about 50k SP to vote with and delegate the difference. My latest thought is to delegate around half of that over 50k SP on a somewhat permanent basis and the other half on a 90-day rotating basis to spread the love. This is an experiment to see if this will help support more creation by the creators I would like to see do more. That seems like the point of this whole system, is it not?

So far, my delegations are:

  • @HomesteadersCoop – 1k SP
  • @SwapSteem – 1k SP
  • @NewYard – 1k SP
  • @ocdb -1k SP
  • @digital.mine – 100 SP

At this time, I’ll probably be keeping @HomesteadersCoop, @SwapSeem, and @ocdb on a “permanent” delegation and I will rotate the others as well as add more as I increase by 1k SP increments above 50k.

Consistent Work on The Website

Working on the site is why I haven’t gotten much content out this week. As anyone who does work on websites will know, this is just very time-consuming. It is time-consuming for just one site, and I have fourteen subdomains – each with a WordPress install to manage. It is work that I do love. I just wish there was more hours in the day.

Most of what I did this week is to get syndication locked down and analytics type stuff sorted out again. Oddly, analytics keeps going down after a while and I don’t really know why yet.

I made all of this about as difficult as I could with all the subdomains, but that’s just the way I think things have to be in order to keep a rather large structure as canonical as possible so that the site will make sense as it grows.

I’m thinking about onboading contributors…

This is the direction I have always thought that DiggnDeeper should go. The type of curation and content that I want this site to grow into needs more than me.

I’m stepping out of my comfort zone here. I love working with other people and I feel it is always the best way to improve, but I’m always a bit worried about “why would people want to work with me?”. I’m not looking to be anyone’s “boss”, but I absolutely do want to be in control of this brand.

Ultimately, I’m just a guy with an avid interest in these subjects. My goal has always been to curate the work of actual experts and other “regular” people with a deep interest in these subjects.

Since we are using the amazingly useful Steem and WordPress platforms, I can absolutely offer a payout to content creators by using the beneficiary tools that are available. Content must be within the scope of open source, decentralized solutions and/ or the errors of prohibition, but I am completely open to different styles and ideas to make this a better place to explore those subjects.

New Discord channel.

Considering bringing contributors on and also reading the @Utopian-io rules and guidelines causes me to think that this is probably a good time to start a Discord channel.

Utopian guidelines say that there needs to be a communications method on applications.

More about that @Utopian-io stuff to come shortly. (This is something I’m really excited about working on.)

Anyway, I would love to stick with the Open Source Mumble, but everyone else is using Discord, so I created a server and off we go.

Stop by an say hi on our empty channel!

Let’s chat about open source, decentralization, Steem promotion, and the errors of prohibition. I’ll be there.

I also still have my NextCloud server to use, which is a full suite of file sharing, community tools and also has all of the voice, video and text services. We’ll see how things play out and if there is any traffic or use of either.

We definitely have options with amazing tools at our fingertips.

@SteemPress and @Steempeak For contributors.

We have some really great tools on this platform and between just those two, there are lots of ways for a blog with multiple creators to work well together.

The free version of SteemPress is pretty straight forward, but they have a Pro version which is either out now or at least in beta. If I have any interest from others to blog on DiggnDeeper, then I would certainly be fine with paying for the Pro version.

Steempeak already has a pretty good way to blog directly from their interface to the blockchain for multiple bloggers. I prefer to write from the WordPress sites, but there are lots of reasons that the Steempeak option would likely be used regularly.

Curation trail?

A curation trail is yet another option to help the curators and creators that are making things happen in the open source, decentralized, pro-Steem and abolitionist arenas. I have been thinking about this for a long time. I don’t fully understand the actual workings of creating and running a curation trail yet, so more work needs to be done with that before I’m comfortable starting one.

If you have any pointers or input here, please leave a comment or jump on the Discord channel and let’s chat about it.

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