DiggnDeeper Introduction Video Outline v1.

This article is a draft/ outline derived from marketing resources. I’m using this to create a ~3 minute video introducing the concept of DiggnDeeper and a call-to-action to contact me about working together to in creating content and marketing for your project.

  • The goal is to portray that DiggnDeeper is cooperative more than competitive.
  • The DiggnDeeper brand should be known to put the best content above all, and DiggnDeeper strives to fill in the gaps as well as possible.
  • Quickly show the various platform strengths as a way to prosper in a sharing (post scarcity) model. Show the brand creating original informative content, but to also curate other creator’s content with and even above our own.
  • Quickly show the audio/ video equipment in possession with a mobile-centric purpose and processes in action.
  • The style/ vibe of the video will be basic documentary style (minimal music and compositing), but with a quick and steady, upbeat pace.
  • Who “we” are: I am a sole proprietor at this time trying to build a business and community – a paradigm that is somewhat at odds, but hopefully can become something unique.

– Hook –

We Have The Tools.

Projects like DiggnDeeper and others can help by keeping you up-to-date with the high velocity of changes we are seeing now. We can be one of the places you go to learn what the tools are, how to use them, and how you can help make them better.

DiggnDeeper uses certain tools with the intention of showing you how to create with them for the benefit of your community.

  • Portray that DiggnDeeper is cooperative more than competitive. Quickly show the various platforms strengths as a way to prosper in a sharing (post scarcity) model. It is our goal to create original informative content, but to also curate other creator’s content with ours.
  • This introduction will have the above as dialogue in the opening sequence showing the truck body and gear outfitted for video production and any other content creation as a very complete and very mobile platform.

– Agitate –

Now Is The Time

If we don’t get up and create the things that we want on our own, the people that have the power will certainly do it for us. We are at a tipping point where the establishment is losing its grip on us, but if they figure out how to take advantage of all that technology, or restrict it, then they could reign us back in.

On the other hand, we have never had a better opportunity to push things in our favor.

I’m ready to go out and get the stories about open source, decentralized technologies and the people that are creating and using them as well as stories about the errors of prohibition. I have the tools and I am ready to use those tools to show how we, as a community, can use the tools we now have to create and curate content that can help us make a far more robust and peaceful society.

– Problem Solved –

Create More

The way to have what we want is to lead the way in creating more content, more systems – more things that put the power in the hands of everyone and anyone – not just the few.

It takes a special kind of persistence, but together, we can do it.

We Can Create Media For Your Project

The single most lacking part of the open source and decentralized and even abolitionist philosophy is the nearly complete lack of marketing.

With All These New Tools, We Have New Ways To Solve Problems.

Blockchain platforms like Steem and LBRY as well as other decentralized crowd sourcing and crowd funding platforms, offer new ways and incentives to create for others and also prosper for our efforts. That doesn’t make anything easy, but it is now possible.

– Call To Action –

Join Us!

Join us on Steem, LBRY (nothing uploaded yet), and Discord:

Filming starts tomorrow!

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