Bitcoin accepted here

I accept checks and bitcoin at the time of service. For a while, I am offering 10% off for payments in bitcoin.

Why bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a great way to send money online.

Credit cards were not designed for the Internet and I don’t want to set up a merchant account to take credit cards. It’s expensive and troublesome. We both loose money in the deal. Bitcoin transactions are easy, fast, inexpensive, and meet the highest standards for e-commerce security.

Get some bitcoin

The easiest way to get bitcoins is to create an account on, then connect that to your bank account. Buy some bitcoin, and send the amount of your bill to on Coinbase. At first it takes a while for the bitcoin to show up, even up to a week, but once you are established, it works very well after that. You should go ahead and verify your ID, which will make future transactions much quicker. Don’t forget to subtract the 10% discount!

*Note: the price of bitcoin can change during that time. No worries. You can use Coinbase’s USD Instant Exchange to deposit the expected amount ahead of time and convert it at the time you send it.

Want another incentive to buy more bitcoin? You can save 20% or more if you shop at Amazon using You can buy the bitcoin at, and then get big savings from using

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