Web Design is More Than Just Websites. The interenet is yours to dig into.

Your domain name, with its websites and network assets are the portal to your communications and offerings. Premium web design should be deeper than the visible surface seen as your website.

Your online presence works for you 24-hours-a-day, seven-days-a-week. It will more than likely be the first place your patron gets to really know your brand. It can travel globally and does not require any kind of 401K match. It should, and can, work harder than even your best member or employee. Now, it can also be the tool that brings synergy to your people and mission.

The Internet, coupled with free and open technology, offers profound abilities. Communications freedom is a most basic right and never before have we had such impressive tools.

DiggnDeeper.com reflects a passion, if not obligation, to share these excellent technologies, their communities and principals which keep all of this stuff free and powerful.

General options and pricing for custom communications networks.

All design work takes advantage of the latest best practices in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Security, and Usability.
pay with bitcoin for website design
I prefer payment in Bitcoin (BTC), and I would be happy to work out a discount and/or a strategy of payment timing to encourage the use of BTC over Federal Reserve Notes (FRN).

E-mail me to discuss your web design needs. scott@diggndeeper.com

A la carte: $250.00 minimum and $90.00/ hour.

Maybe you have your own site and are comfortable doing things yourself, but you need a theme or plugin customization or help with migration, back-up and restore or any other technical problem on your site. Digg’n Deeper can get it done for you.

Plain vanilla website platform installed and setup and ready for you to dig into: $250.00 – $1750.00

Do you want to set up a Content Management System (such as WordPress, Drupal, or Joomla), OwnCloud, Groupware, Project Management, Event Management, Forum, Audio/Video Communications or another platform?

Small complete custom websites and networked communications: $1K – $20K

Your website is important to your brand’s development. You need to keep your core group connected where ever they are, so they can use their tools to work and communicate. Being relevant in search engines is a priority, and you want your technology to work hard for you – it needs to be marketing smart. You’re more than likely a good fit for a small custom network.

Large complete custom websites and networked communications: $20K – $60K

You’re a relatively large company or group and you need to communicate with a lot of people on your website. Maybe it’s a large portfolio you want to showcase, or a strong listing of case studies. Perhaps your service offering is really diverse or you have locations all over the country, each of which needs to be highlighted. Are you looking for something cutting edge and innovative? You more than likely qualify for a large custom network.

General pricing for Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

On site organic SEO included with all web design.
Boost your rankings and traffic even further with a custom analysis beginning at $750.00

  • Market Research
  • On site SEO
  • Webmaster tools setup
  • Analytics setup, monitoring, and reports.

General pricing for digital marketing

Marketing relationship: $250.00 minimum and $90.00/ hour.

This often includes social media work, blogging, best search engine optimization practices, e-newsletter, infographics, miscellaneous design hours, etcetera, etc.

We recommend monthly analytics reports on content effectiveness, traffic and goal conversions.

Websites and digital marketing are not static and therefore are not a one-and-done project. They seem to need all the care of a living and breathing thing. If that’s where the clients come from, then they must get the attention they deserve.

Penetration (pen) testing & Security Audits

Standard or custom work: $250.00 minimum and $90.00/ hour.
Security audits are an important part of your network integrity. You can sleep better at night knowing your doors and locks are secure with the right people holding the keys. I offer basic security testing and auditing on all projects. If concerns arise, we can discuss consulting a more seasoned professional.


Prices and strategies vary depending on a variety of factors such as budget, traffic, site features current and future. This is as important a design consideration as any component.

Robust, high traffic, database-driven sites push the server and require close monitoring and frequent well-tested software updates. Monitoring and maintenance hours are applied to each monthly bill. Lower traffic, simple websites are less demanding and therefore cost less to maintain.

There are three main hosting scenarios used by us.

  • Self hosting on your own network/ internet connection: Great customization and control. No additional hosting fees. Potentially limited bandwidth.
  • Professionally hosted Virtual Private Server: Great customization and control. Good hosting can be costly on an ongoing basis. On demand bandwidth is very scalable.
  • Professionally hosted Web Server: Limited to websites, often the most cost effective and simple way to host any website. Hosts do vary significantly in quality of hosting and customer service, so some homework is recommended.