WordPress is my favorite website building software. It gets better all the time.

Server setup

Apache2, MySQL, PHP, GD configured. More to come…


  • Install template. I have a handy text document which details the install of WordPress on my ArchLinux web server.

At some point, I will integrate a torrent server with this site and post my ArchLinux VirtualBox server and documentation, but I’m currently on another project.

Developing with WordPress

When developing, go to wp-config define('WP_DEBUG', true);
Matt Adams: Creating Themes ‚ÄčAnd Customizing Admin

Some handy development tools and resources.

  • GenerateWP: The easiest and the fastest way to create custom and high quality code for your WordPress project using the latest WordPress coding standards and API’s.

CSS Frameworks


Useful Plugins

  • Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) Plugin in WP Repo and advancedcustomfields.com: Powerful fields for WordPress developers.
  • wp-cleanup: gets rid of all the cruft that builds up in your database.
  • Captcha: Answer a simple math problem at login to eliminate spam. I like this kind of captcha better than the kind with weird pictures that are difficult to see.

Custom post types

A good video of Jeffrey Way at WordPress Meetup in NYC on Oct 18 2011.

Start a child theme, read naming best practices, and go through these steps:

  1. Register post type
  2. Register taxonomy
  3. Add meta boxes to Edit Post
  4. Create new Archive Page Template
  5. Create new Single Post Template

Getting started:

Custom taxonomies

Getting started:

Creating a Plugin

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