Voice communtications

Mumble: voice client /Murmur: simple server that works great on about any device or operating system. Very high quality, encryption capable Internet voice communications. We love this stuff and use it for all sorts of collaborating for a couple of people to a handful of people.


Known limits: Mumble has little audio drop-outs and tiny spikes of digital noise, about once or twice a minute, which make it very useable, but limited for very high quality recording. For that, check out Creamy Radio Audio

You can set up the server on your desktop machine or just connect to one in use easily with all sorts of clients on Linux, Windows, Android, iPhone, or even your website. Great for casual or business use.

Install: If you are using Linux or other free operating system, you simply use your software manager to install it. On other operating systems, check out the Mumble website to download and install instructions.

More to come…

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