Virtualization allows varying degrees of installing virtual bare metal, operating system, or file system level “containers” on your system. This allows tremendous power, flexibility, and security options.

Linux on a stick

Most of our images are built to use Virtual Box.


The Xen Project

Contributed to by the NSA? It says so in the documentation.

It doesn’t need a host OS?

LXC Containers

LXC is a lightweight “virtualization” method to run multiple virtual units (containers, akin to “chroot”) simultaneously on a single control host. Containers are isolated with Kernel Control Groups (cgroups) and Kernel Namespaces.




How to boot from a usb drive
DavidB’s Virtual Machine USB Boot- Windows only?

plop boot manager?


Lock sharable Virtual Box files with a key to here?


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  1. Scott Gregory

    PfSense and FreeNAS on one box?
    Is Zen capable of running the whole network with the above and desktop all on my i7 box?

    Check out ESXi/XenServer. It doesn’t need host OS?
    Make sure pfSense is on a separate datastore, otherwise a file server failure will take your router offline.

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