Meshnet Projects- Secure & Decentralized.

Why should we care? What makes meshnets important?

  • Peer to peer, user controlled links, not centrally controled like our current internet. Resistant to censorship .
  • Not reliant on corporations for access. Transers power to users to collaborate and propogate data on the network. Resistant to control of content through throttling and blocking of competition.
  • Secure by nature. Resistant to spying and hacking by governments or other malicious operators.

Recent events around the world have demonstrated the importance of the free flow of information in regards to human rights and the free exercise thereof. Unfortunately, existing infrastructure is susceptible to a number of critical flaws that render it vulnerable to disruption. Meshnet projects supplement the current infrastructure to create a secure, independent network that can operate under any condition including natural disaster or general failure of existing infrastructure.

I have long thought that meshnets are the direction our communications should go. I will use this page to try to keep up with the various meshnet projects going on. There does seem to be a fairly active bunch out there.

Meshnet Projects

  • Calling All Hackers: Help Us Build an Open Wireless Router
  • Project Meshnet: *This is the technology I use* A networking protocol, a system of digital rules for message exchange between computers. “Instead of letting other computers connect to you through a shared IP address which anyone can use, cjdns only lets computers talk to one other after they have verified each other cryptographically.
  • Byzantium: Ad-hoc wireless networking for the zombie apocolypse.
  • A telecommunications network, is open, free and neutral because is built through a peer to peer agreement where everyone can join the network by providing his connection, and therefore, extending the network and gaining connectivity to all.

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