Keyframing the Speed Control in Blender.

I really want to get this in my toolkit, but of course it is eluding me. As I look around, this seems to elude others as well. There seem to be no obvious or reliable solutions, at least for me. Here is my attempt to find one.

Looking for a solution.

Using Speed Control from the Blender manual. The description in this manual says that the correct way to animate speed control is to keyframe the frames directly. Not adding keyframes will cause the animation to look like a still, which is what is happening to me. I suppose I am doing something wrong, so I will attempt to get a screen recording to see if anyone might be able to see what I am doing wrong. I would be more than happy to document the correct process for others, as I don’t see this done anywhere.

I made this post on cgcookie, looking for help.

This thread on blenderartists isn’t solving my problem either.

How to Accomplish a Speed Ramp In Blender on is the method I have been using with limited success at best. My experience using this method is that the strip seems to often lose the keyframes visible in the graph editor and I have to start over. I would like to know if that is something I am doing incorrectly or if this is a bug.

An attempt at a solution.

Here is a quick attempt that actually works for me. It appears to come down to setting a keyframe, then refreshing the sequencer, then placing the green thing (name?) back far enough that it would be before any changes, and continuing through the clip sequentially like that.

Refining a bit

I believe that I can also make the sound match, so stay tuned, I’ll try that out next. I think that I need to mixdown the audio and bring it back in. Then I should be able to keyframe the pitch to match the video speed.
Mixdown: Render out the matching audio clip to .wav Delete the original audio for that strip. Then bring in the new mixdown to replace it. Now I will try to match animation of audio and video.

First Success


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