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Here is a quick tutorial to get you started:

Here is a much more complete series.

An introduction with additional topics of interest including editing, transitions, color correction, audio and workflow.


From the above series
For example, to transcode a folder of .MTS muxed video to something more easily managed by Kdenlive, open a terminal and navigate to the folder containing the source files. You may issue your command as:

$ for i in *.MTS; do $(ffmpeg paste-the-kdenlive-command-here); done

This will cycle through each MTS file in the directory, run it through the ffmpeg command, and save it in the same directory without affecting the original file. To safeguard against even accidental file clobbering, you could establish a folder called “transcoded” and make sure that the final argument in the Kdenlive ffmpeg script is ./transcoded/%1.mov rather than its default of just %1.mov

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