About Free, Libre, Open Source Systems (FLOSS)

Open source = unstoppable? Crypto-currency, crowd sourcing and funding, communications hardware, and software, even food sourcing such as permaculture are shedding the closed corporate structures and success is exploding, without the force or permission of the State.

A little open source analogy for you.

I think of FLOSS and proprietary concepts as the difference between wild genetics and a highly bred animal.

FLOSS is the wild animal. It’s genetics are robust and varied. By nature it must be decentralized, elegant and efficient. It’s lean stature is resilient to infection and injury. It reproduces readily, and can therefor adapt well to change. It can be easily tamed, but you may want some training or at least good guidance. With the proper selection and connection, it can be an unquestioning, capable and reliable companion.

Open source excels when used as a consistent organic companion technology to enhance the human experience.

open source

Proprietary stuff is the highly bred animal. It’s genetics are narrow and diluted. Laden with unnecessary flesh, it isn’t very agile, and is easily infected and damaged. Reproduction is highly restricted by the breeder and the animal doesn’t do it well anyway. However, everyone knows what they are getting, and not everyone wants or needs to have something special.

The FLOSS Index provides as complete and current as possible, curated information for using the organic open source platforms for communications and digital arts.

The FLOSS ecosystem is a very dynamic and fragmented group of independent developers and communities. This is at once FLOSS’s greatest asset and its natural limit. It is an asset because it certainly produces great stuff in a decentralized fashion. This can be put together with other FLOSS projects to get what we want. It is a liability because it takes a guide, or at least some amount of one’s own time and efforts to negotiate and keep up with the various projects.

What is more interesting than that? My goal is to make this site one of those guides. I will try to show you how I use open source tools in my passions and professions.

For example; I once recommended Open Office to friends and clients, but now I highly recommend LibreOffice. We could spend all sorts of time talking about why, but it probably doesn’t really matter to you. You just want it to work. It does; and it’s free!

All of the documentation, software and templates provided on this site are free for anyone to use. I haven’t spent the effort to license my content, but mostly it’s just shared content anyway. I’ll get to it sometime.

Digg’n Deeper will try to show you how to do it yourself, or you can hire scott@diggndeeper.com to do truly excellent contract work for you!

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