I have been pecking away at this site for years now. There is a good bit of content chucked here and there with poorly designed structure and articles not particularly well written on several different WordPress installs under this domain. I have been burning the candle on both ends making it better. This is not my first rodeo and it is going well.

It is time to take this to the next level. I have a plan and all the tools and experience I need. Slow season is upon me, and you can be assured I will make the best of it, but I would love your support for time and travel to bring this project to a place that can help more people.

Today’s tasks

Tomorrow’s tasks

  • Setup MailChimp email subscription service.
  • Start scheming about intro video for YouTube
  • Add Social Media Channel widget – Actually, I went ahead and did this one.

I completely understand if you are not interested in supporting this financially, but consider subscribing and sharing and just generally being social.

Email: not implemented yet.


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