Patriotism: Spirit of the State & War

I’ve been listening to Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History lately. I find a striking theme in the horrors of war that is our world’s history:

Statism – a belief that a leader or government is legitimate or necessary for society. Amid the regularity of mass genocides and loss of information that plague our entire history, this seems to be the root cause of so much loss. Over, and over, and over again – for a flag.

Forms of government

  • Anarchy: Law and freedom without State violence.

The religion of the State has governmental templates:

  • Despotism: Law and force (Nation) without freedom.
  • Barbarism: Force (Nation) without freedom and law.
  • Republic: Force with freedom and law, with it’s forms of democracy). Only on paper. Always degrades into despotism and often into barbarism.

*** The long reign of anarchy that we never hear about because of the lack of blood shed. ***

*** Statistics of other causes of major life loss. ***

  • Disease
  • Natural Disasters
  • Religion (I would consider this Statism, as it is also the worship of a flag)

  • We learn in school that we learn history so we don’t repeat our mistakes. Yet, it seems that is all we do. We continue the faith in Statism, its leaders, their flags and governments. Often, death comes from a disrespect of the flag of birth. No voluntary contract is possible. This is a religion.

    As Randolph Bourne brilliantly argued, “War is the health of the state.” Constant military engagement leads to the expansion of government power and an erosion of even the most basic civil liberties. We see this playing out in the U.S. with Patriot Act spying, NDAA indefinite detention and drone executions without due process.


    The Pledge of Allegiance

    Habeas corpus

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