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This is a list of liberty and alternative media.


Foundation for Economic Education
Electronic Frontier Foundation

The Fifth Column International scope.
The Pontiac Tribune – A TFC Project Focused on US and Canada.
Sleeper Cells – A TFC Project Audio and video components.

Photography Is Not a Crime (PINAC)
The Free Thought Project
The Anti-Media
Activist Post
The Conscious Resistance
Counter Current News
Mint Press News
Alex Poucher
U.S. Uncut


Wess Burtran- Complete Liberty
Boston Tea Party
Claire Wolf
Larken Rose

Transition theory:
Tom Friedman wrote “The Lexus and the Olive Tree”
Robert Nozicks ‘Anarchy State and Utopia’ is an excellent start.
nightwatchman state principle
Westphalian model – nation states are a misleading construct for nowadays conflict situations.
We can see this: The Role of Government In An Era Of Declining State Influence


Digital Library Federation Provides an open system. Amazing project.

The first place I look to get updated info is the LRN.FM program guide.

## The following is an outdated list. I’ll go through it shortly.

Bad Quaker Podcast with Ben Stone

The Freedom Feens with Michael W Dean and Neema Vedadi

Anarchy Gumbo Podcast with Michael W Dean

Freedomain Radio with Stefan Molyneux

Porctherapy with Stephanie Murphy

Triple V Vodcast with Mike Shanklin

Free Talk Live

Police Accountability Report from Cop Block

Hardcore History with Dan Carlin

The Scott Horton Show

The Voluntary Life

Declare Your Independence with Ernest hancock

The Lew Rockwell Show

Adam vs. The Man

The School Sucks Project

Complete Liberty with Wes Bertrand

Ed and Ethan

Rise Up Radio

Sex, Lies, & Anarchy

The Skeptic’s Guide to the Universe

Two Beers with Steve

The Joe Rogan Experience

Reasonable Doubts

The Corbett Report

Live Free FM

A link of links from the Public Intelligence Blog

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