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Would open source justice be a viable option to hold police and government accountable?

It seems that the power of the internet and communities today could nullify the judicial system we have that is quit obviously stacked against civilians in favor of government agents and systems. We should explore this. Why couldn’t we compile cases for all these apparent murders by police that never get past the grand jury? I’m not sure about punishment, but at least expose the evidence to the public. Jury nullification should continue to grow.

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Badge heavies today.

I’m not the only one changing my mind. Not long ago I was a very pro police jingoist. Then the internet happened. The more I learn, the more I have come to realize that prohibition is the wrong way to deal with pretty much any problem. The monopoly of violence that the police enjoy leads to horrifying corruption. We are up against a unified system where the police, the prosecutor and the judge are all on the same side with plenty of time and money to defeat us one at a time. There is just so much wrong with our entire system. It turns out that the United States, which is billed as the “land of the free, the home of the brave”, is anything but that. In fact, our rate of incarceration is more than five times higher than most of the countries in the world, according to […]

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