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Jury nullification is an age old tactic to battle unjust laws

People seem to believe the justice system is written for the defense but the evidence overwhelming pointing to the system is written for the protection of the state and its ability to extract resources; largely through the use of prohibition. Here is a good podcast by the Bad Quaker about jury nullification. It’s hard to say that a jury of peer actually exists.

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Would open source justice be a viable option to hold police and government accountable?

It seems that the power of the internet and communities today could nullify the judicial system we have that is quit obviously stacked against civilians in favor of government agents and systems. We should explore this. Why couldn’t we compile cases for all these apparent murders by police that never get past the grand jury? I’m not sure about punishment, but at least expose the evidence to the public. Jury nullification should continue to grow.

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Get rid of the welfare state and the ridiculous notion of nationalism… open borders to freedom. Nations and borders will become obsolete soon. It has already started. It won’t be globalism, it will be individualism. The next time I hear someone go on about the “law of the land”, I want them to remember this:

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